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Congratulations if you are thinking about getting married at St Paul's!

Christian Marriage is the lifelong commitment of two people to one another, given in the sight of God. The Christian Wedding Service is the means by which we seek God’s blessing on our life together as a couple, and an occasion on which we make vows & promises to our spouse.


St Paul’s Church is available for marriage to anyone living within the parish, on the electoral role of the parish or has a connection with the Church.


The Church of England provides a variety of styles and services to celebrate Christian marriage, which we are very happy to plan with you. These include:

  • A traditional wedding service

  • A wedding service which includes the Eucharist

  • service of blessing after a civil ceremony

A wedding service at St Paul’s Church can be conducted very simply, or celebrated with our organist and choir.

Recently, the rules have changed making it easier than ever to marry in church. See below for a summary of the new rules.  We are here to help, so if you have any questions about getting married in St. Paul’s, just get in touch with Fr Nigel Stimpson 01422 553506


To be able to marry by banns:

(a) At least one of you has to have your normal place of residence in the parish in which you wish to marry for a reasonable period of time (generally considered to be in excess of 6 months for a UK citizen and in excess of 18 months for non-UK nationals); or

(b) At least one of you should have been on the Electoral Roll of the church in which you wish to marry (i.e. you have formally declared your membership of it). To be on the Electoral Roll you need to have been attending the church regularly for at least 6 months. This means that you can be married in the church that you normally attend, even if it is not in the parish in which you live; or

(c) You fall into one of the new qualifying categories as set out below.

(a) In the parish where you were baptised (but not if baptism took place at the same time as confirmation);

(b) If you have been confirmed, in the parish which presented you for confirmation;

(c) In the parish of the area in which you have had at any time your usual place of residence for at least six months;

(d) In the parish where you have, at any time, habitually attended public worship for at least six months;

(e) In the parish in which one of your parents has, during your lifetime, had their usual place of residence for at least six months or habitually been to church there for at least six months;

(f) In the parish in which a parent or grandparent has been married.

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