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Services at St Paul's

We look forward to welcoming you

to one of our services

Our regular congregation aims to be an inclusive community that proclaims Christ's gospel of love and service, and we welcome without exception, all who want to explore the possibility of faith in their lives.



The Parish Mass


Our 11am Sunday Eucharist last an hour and we use different choral settings of the Eucharist led by our choir, and we use incense (a symbol of prayer rising to God).

We also sing Hymns and children are most welcome - there's a children's area at the back of church with  books and toys for them to use.

We serve coffee & tea in the Parish Room afterwards.


We have special services throughout the year  as we celebrate the major Church Festivals. 

Please see our pewsheet or the 

What's On page for more details. 



10:30 Mass

This is a quiet, reflective service held at the High Altar with the congregation sitting in the Choir stalls or held in the Lady Chapel and lasts approx 30 mins.

We serve coffee & tea int he Parish Room afterwards where we can enjoy some time to talk!

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Life events

We welcome enquiries about arranging a Baptism, Wedding or Funeral

For information please see the website page for each: Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

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About our Services

We normally refer to our main Sunday morning Service as our Parish Mass or Solemn Eucharist. Eucharist means ‘thanksgiving’, reminding us of Christ’s prayer of thanksgiving when he took bread and wine at the Last Supper.

When we refer to our Parish Mass as a ‘Solemn’ Mass, we mean that in our we worship we are going to use all our senses, including sight, sound and smell. So we use different colours in the altar frontals and vestments, indicating different church seasons and we use candles. Incense is used to symbolise the mystery of our prayers as they rise to God. Bells are used to mark important events in the service; and we use music - through our singing and listening to the organ - all these enhances our prayers and enrich our worship of God.

Children’s activities are provided. Children learn about the day’s themes and do related activities. Sometimes, the children help with parts of the main service.

A different times of the year we also hold additional service later in the day, which may be Evening Prayer or Evensong. These traditional services are used to thank God for the day and to ask for his protection during the night hours. We will often include Eucharistic Devotions as part of this service.

Eucharistic Devotions, also known as Benediction, which include prayers, readings and hymns and the important ceremony of blessing the people present with the exposed Blessed Sacrament,

We look forward to welcoming you to our services.

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