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The Organ at St Paul's

We are fortunate in having a particularly fine organ, which was built and installed by Messrs Abbott & Smith of Leeds at the time of the building of the new church and has been renovated a number of times since. The builders incorporated several ranks, and part ranks, of pipes from the organ in the old church which was built by Henry Halmshaw in 1882-1883. The stops from the old organ are indicated on the specification.

The cost of the organ was £1,100 (plus the old organ) although Abbott & Smith provided additional work at their own expense, namely 1) the extra, adjustable piston to each manual, 2) the reversible for the Great and Pedal and Swell to Great couplers, and 3) substituting the Viole d’Orchestre for the originally planned Flauto Traverso on the Choir.

The latest renovation, started in 1980, involved cleaning the pipework and releathering the existing pneumatic action where necessary. In addition, an electro-pneumatic action was fitted to the manuals, and the Vox Humana on the Swell was replaced with Fifteenth and the Choir Dulciana with a Flute Celeste.

The specification of the original organ is as follows:

1. Contra Gamba 16 feet
2. Large Open Diapason 8 feet
3. Small Open Diapason 8 feet
4. Clarabella 8 feet
5. Principal 4 feet
6. Wald Flute 4 feet
7. Twelfth 2 1/3 feet
8. Fifteenth 2 feet
9. Tromba 8 feet

1. Open Diapason 8 feet
2. Dulciana (now Flute Celeste) 8 feet
3. Lieblich Gedackt 8 feet
4. Viol d’Orchestre 8 feet
5. Harmonic Flute 4 feet
6. Harmonic Piccolo 2 feet
7. Clarinet 8 feet
8. Tromba (from Great) 8 feet

1. Swell Octave
2. Swell Sub Octave
3. Swell to Great
4. Swell to Choir
5. Choir Octave
6. Choir Sub Octave
7. Choir to Great
8. Swell to Pedal
9. Great to Pedal
10. Choir to Pedal

1. Open Diapason 16 feet
2. Violone (From Great) 16 feet
3. Bourdon 16 feet
4. Octave 8 feet
5. Flute Bass 8 feet
6. Trombone 16 feet
7. Harmonic Bass 32 feet

3 acting on Great and Pedal Organs


Great Flues and Choir 3 1/2"
Small Flues and Oboe 4"
Pedal 4"
Swell and Great Reeds
Action 7"

Great Organ 9 stops
Swell Organ 13 stops
Choir Organ 8 stops
Pedal Organ 7 stops
Couplers 10 stops
Total 47 stops

Pedal – Open Diapason
Choir – Open Diapason; Lieblich Gedackt; Harmonic Flute
Great – Small Open Diapason; Principal; Wald Flute; Twelfth; Fifteenth

Pipe Organ
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