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Funerals & Memorial Services

Christians believe that death is not an end, but a new beginning of a life closer to God and separate from the sufferings and trials of this life on earth. Inevitably the death of a loved one is a shock and the cause of great grief. At St Paul’s we try as a Church family to support all who come to us when they are bereaved and to comfort them in their grief. 

Through the Funeral Service we celebrate the life of our loved ones and release them to God’s eternal care and protection.

St Paul’s Church is available for funerals of anyone living within the parish or on the electoral roll of the parish or who has a connection with the Church.. It is not necessary to be a regular Church-goer. 

A funeral service of the Church of England can be very short and quiet, with only a few members of the family present or an occasion of great solemnity with a packed church. The service can include music and hymns, in traditional or modern language and may also include a Eucharist, also called a Requiem Mass.


When a funeral has already taken place, a special Memorial Service can easily be arranged.

Whatever the pattern of service, the words and actions all speak of a loving God and the preciousness to Him of every human being.

The Funeral Director will usually make contact with us to start planning a service, but please don't hesitate to make contact with the Priest in Charge - Fr Nigel Stimpson 01422 553056 

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